120625 Mapwindow & OSGEO

Presentations of the first day of the user conference of the Mapwindow & OSGEO.
Velp РThe Netherlands РMonday June 25 2012. More information on www.mapwindow.nl

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P01 presentation: Welcome and opening, Daniel Ames

P02 presentation: Keynote address by Jan Willem van Eck of ESRI NL – open innovation

P03 presentation: Julio Zancajo – Archealogica

P04 presentation: Carloss Osorio – Inverse Modelling

P05 presentation: Fernando Cortes – Colloborative Geoprocessing GLL

P06 presentation: Philippe Puig – Cultural Heritage GIS

P07 presentation: Rui Daniel Pina – GIS storm water management

P08 presentation: Paul den Dulk – BruTile

P09 presentation: Daniel Ames – State of the Projects

P10 presentation: Jiri Kadlec – HydroDesktop

P11 presentation: Kavinda Gunasekara – Landslide Modelling

P12 presentation: Arne Schilling – OSM 3D current developments

P13 presentation: Werner Sprung – Sewer management

P14 presentation: Barbara Stephenson – Social Sciences Mapwindow Manual

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