Long-term population development in typical marshland birds in The Netherlands.

CWE – Center for Wetland Ecology – Symposium –
Understanding Wetland Dynamics: the value of long-term datasets
January 11, 2013 – NIOO-KNAW Wageningen The netherlands.

All presentations available on H2videokanaal channel on YouTube.

P01 – Opening by Jos Verhoeven (UU) – CWE chairman
P02 – Herman van Dam (Water en Natuur) – Long-term dynamics of biota in moorland pools
P03 – Hanneke Baretta Bekker(namens NIOZ) -Effects of nutrients on species composition and functional behaviour of microalgal communities in the Waddensea (presentatie niet beschikbaar)
P04 – Alena Gsell (NIOO) – Long-term changes in planktonic host-parasite dynamics in lake Maarsseveen.
P05 – Dr. Gerben van Geest (Deltares) – Long-term succesion versus short-term fluctuations of macrophyte vegetation in floodplain lakes along the lower Rhine
P06 – Prof. dr. Jef Huisman (UvA) – Dancing with the tides: plankton dynamics in a non-equilibrium world
P07 – Rob Fraaije (UU) – Wetland dynamics in a short-term dataset: riparian plant species distribution along restored lowland streams.
P08 – Chris van Turnhout (Sovon) – Long-term population development in typical marshland birds in The Netherlands
P09 – Jos Verhoeven (UU) – CWE chairman – Closing remarks

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