Results of the IWW symposium Water & Innovation  – Watertechnology – November 3 and 4 2011 – Amterdam

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Scope of the conference:
The core of the conference is the use of new innovative technologies that result in robust and reliable systems, offering an answer for the problems of today and challenges of tomorrow. Topics of this conference are:

  • Membrane technology in water technology
  • Biological processes in water technology
  • The use of modeling and ICT in water technology
  • Sensor technology in water treatment and water distribution
  • Emerging technologies for emerging contaminants

Presentations will focus on the development and application of new innovative technologies in these fields to find an answer to the challenges the water industry is confronted with. Topics of this conference:

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P01 Video – Opening of the conference and welcome
Jan Peter van der Hoek (Waternet / Delft University of Technology)

Session 1 – Membrane technology in water treatment
Chair: Lute Broens (Pentair)

P02 Video – Freshwater from saltwater with lower energy use
H.Timmer, R.S. Folders, R. van den Berg, S.G.J. Heijman, F.Smits (The Netherlands)

P03 Video – Down stream to improve performance of membrane filtration
M. Remy, S. Vellinga, H. van Dalfsen, J. Kruit, E. Koetse, N. Wortel (The Netherlands)

P04 Video – Salt rejection improvements using seawater nanocomposite membranes
R.L. Burk, C.J. Kurth, J. Green, M. Dante (USA)

P05 Video – Pellet softening in inland desalination with model based control
G.A. van Houwelingen, R.G. Bond, K.M. van Schagen, T.F. Seacord (The Netherlands)

P06 Video – Discussion

Session 2: Membrane technology in water treatment
Chair: Arie Haasnoot (Oasen)

P07 Video – Use of electrospun nanofibres for bacteria removal from wastewater treatment plant outlets
M. Holba, J. Lev, L. Kalhotka, M. Szostková, D. Kimmer (Czech Republic)

P08 Video – Effect of low dosages of powdered activated carbon on MBR performance
M. Remy, H. Temmink, P. van den Brink, W. Rulkens (The Netherlands)

P09 Video – Performance of forward osmosis membranes in sewage treatment
K. Lutchmiah, K. Roest, D.J.H. Harmsen, M.H. Zandvoort, L.C. Rietveld, H. Ramaekers, K. Lampi, J.W. Post, E.R. Cornelissen (The Netherlands)

P10 Video – Energy produces from wastewater – Dynamic filtration of A-stage sludge
K. Roest, B. Daamen, M.S. de Graaff, E. Wypkema, M.H. Zandvoort, C.A. Uijterlinde, S. Dilven, J.B. van Lier, M.C.M. van Loosdrecht (The Nteherlands)

P11 Video – Discussion

Session 3: Biological processes in water treatment
Chair: Cees Buisman (Wetsus)

P12 Video – Biological active groundwater filters: exploiting natural diversity
W. de Vet, W.J. Knibbe (The Netherlands)

P13 Video – Efficient fat and oil removal in a new type of anaerobic reactor: results of the 500-m3 prototype and pilot research with the BIOPAQ®AFR
C.T.M.J. Frijters, T. Hülsen, J. Kruit, D. van Schaick, R. van der Arend, S. Vellinga (The Netherlands)

P14 Video – Advancements in using the innovative and sustainable aerobic granules technology for cost-effective treatment of urban and industrial wastewater
A. Giesen, L.M.M. de Bruin, H.F. van der Roest (The Netherlands)

P15 Video – Is sequence batch biofilter granular reactor suitable for textile wastewater treatment?
A.M. Lotito, C. di Iaconi, U. Fratino, A. Mancini (Italy)

P16 Video – Discussion

Session 4: Biological processes in water treatment
Chair: Jan Peter van der Hoek (Waternet / Delft University of Technology)

P17 Video – Denitrification with dissolved methane from anaerobic wastewater treatment: a novel opportunity for wastewater treatment
C. Kampman, T.L.G. Hendrickx, L. Zhang, F.A. Luesken, T.A. van Alen, H.J.M. op den Camp, M.S.M. Jetten, G. Zeeman, C.N.J. Buisman, H. Temmink (The Netherlands)

P18 Video – Sustainable nitrogen removal by denitrifying anammox applied for anaerobic pre-treated potato wastewater
A. Mulder, B. Versprille, D. van Braak (The Netherlands)

P19 Video – Microbial diversity of sludge from a pilot-scale reactor treating real sewage in simultaneous biological removal of nitrogen and sulfur
D.F. Fonseca, E. Foresti (Brazil)

P20 Video – Sulphur in a WWTP – Autotrophic denitrification and sulphur recovery as a wastewater treatment technology?
A. Dekker, H.W.H. Menkveld, M. Oosterhuis, E. van Rekswinkel, L. Korving, C. Uijterlinde, M.C.M. van Loosdrecht (The Netherlands)

P21 Video – Discussion

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