Results of the IWW symposium Water & Innovation  – Watertechnology – November 3 and 4 2011 – Amterdam

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Scope of the conference:
The core of the conference is the use of new innovative technologies that result in robust and reliable systems, offering an answer for the problems of today and challenges of tomorrow. Topics of this conference are:

  • Membrane technology in water technology
  • Biological processes in water technology
  • The use of modeling and ICT in water technology
  • Sensor technology in water treatment and water distribution
  • Emerging technologies for emerging contaminants

Presentations will focus on the development and application of new innovative technologies in these fields to find an answer to the challenges the water industry is confronted with. Topics of this conference:

Friday 4-11-2011 – go to the playlist on Youtube

Session 5: Emerging technologies for emerging compounds
Chair: Alex van der Helm (Waternet)

P22 Video – Personal care products and pharmaceuticals in new sanitation concepts
H. Temmink, L. Hernández Leal, M. de Graaff, G. Zeeman

P23 Video – Batch and fixed bed studies for insecticide carbofuran adsorption onto palm oil fronds activated carbon
J.M. Salman, A.A. Muhammed (Iraq)

P24 Video – Drugs of abuse and tranquilizers in Dutch surface waters, drinking water and wastewater
P. de Voogt, E. Emke, M. van der Aa (The Netherlands)

P25 Video – On a QSAR approach for the prediction of priority compound degradation by water treatment processes
B. Wols, D. Vries (The Netherlands)

P26 Video – Target values of emerging contaminants in drinking water serve as a framework for innovative treatment technologies and analytical methods
M.B. Heringa, M. Mons, D. van der Kooij, J.P. van der Hoek (The Netherlands)

P27 Video – Discussion

Session 6: Sensor technologies in water treatment and water distribution
Chair: Harrie Timmer (Oasen)

P28 Video – On-line monitoring and control of groundwater treatment plants
P.S. Ross, K.M. van Schagen, W. van de Ven, S. Bakker, W. Wuestman, L.C. Rietveld (The Netherlands)

P29 Video – Analysis of nanoparticles in treated domestic wastewater for improved understanding and prevention of membrane fouling
M. Schultz, M. Boulestrau, M. Godehardt, U. Miehe, M. Jekel (Germany)

P30 Video – Bacterial regrowth potential of drinking water measured with a new online sensor
G.J.W. Euverink, C.J. Ingham, G. Wubbels, P. van der Maas (The Netherlands)

P31 Video – An inline autonomous monitor to detect micro-organisms
G.G. Tamminga, A. Paulitsch Fuchs, G.J. Jansen, G. van der Meer, F.R. van der Leij, G.J.W. Euverink (The Netherlands)

P32 Video – Biofouling formation in membrane systems; biocides and complementary treatments for biofouling control; techniques to monitor biofilm growth
W. Hater, C. zum Kolk (Germany)

P33 Video – Discussion

Session 7: The use of modeling and ICT in water technology
Chair: Luuk Rietveld (Delft University of Technology)

P34 Video – Model based operation in the water cycle
A.W.C. van der Helm, C.J. Ruiken, K.M. van Schagen, L.C. Rietveld (The Netherlands)

P35 Video – Asset control – leading edge technology improves wastewater transport systems
C. Lubbers (The Netherlands)

P36 Video – Full-scale wastewater treatment plant using short-term flow prediction
K.M. van Schagen, M.F. de Koning, J.W. Koelewijn, D. van Kleef (The Netherlands)

P37 Video – SmaRTControl in Amsterdam
K. de Korte (The Netherlands)

Session 8: The use of modeling and ICT in water technology
Chair: Luuk Rietveld (Delft University of Technology)

P39 Video – Time for ‘intelligent’ water supply
F. Jutte, R. Schotsman (The Netherlands)

P40 Video – Higher energy efficiency and better water quality by using model predictive flow control at water supply systems
M. Bakker, J.Q.J.C. Verberk, L.J. Palmen, V. Sperber, G. Bakker (The Netherlands)

P41 Video – Discussion & Closing

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