International waterconferences IWC and the Royal Dutch Waternetwork (KNW) present:  new developments in IT and Water.

Alle monday presentations are recorded:

IWC12A00 – Opening – Alex van der Helm / Martien den Blanken

IWC12A10 – Keynote – Putting humans in the loop: Human computation for water resources management.
Keynote speaker Prof. Piero Fraternali, Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Room A session 1A Customer Interaction – Developments – Chair: Dirk Vries

IWC12A11 – Serious gaming and viewer applications as water – ICT hub. A. Loois, the Netherlands

IWC12A12 – Impact of improved information flow on the monitoring of drinking water quality in rural communities in South Africa. U. Rivett, South Africa

IWC12A13 – The human sensor, real time allocation of leaks and contaminations. G.I.M. Worm, the Netherlands

Room A session 2A Modeling and advanced control – Control – Chair Joep van den Broeke

IWC12A21 – Energy efficient ammonium feedback control. L. Åmand, Sweden

IWC12A22 – SmaRTControl prototype at the sewage system of Amsterdam-North. – A.M. Motelica-Wagenaar, the Netherlands

IWC12A23 – Generation NEXT. – K.J. de Hart, the Netherlands

IWC12A24 – Advanced process control reduces effluent quality to the safe side of limit values. – T.B. Önnerth, Denmark

Room A session 3A Modeling and advanced control – Drinking water – Chair Luuk Rietveld

IWC12A31 – On-line monitoring of ozonation through estimation of AOC concentration and CT value with UV/Vis-spectrometers. – P.S. Ross, the Netherlands

IWC12A32 – Modeling of UV/H2O2 processes in pilot reactors with different UV lamps. – R.C.H.M. Hofman-Caris

IWC12A33 – Systemetic control of efficiency and water losses reduction for Barcelona supramunicipal distribution network for 4,5 million inhabitants. – S. Espin, Spain

IWC12A34 – Plate aeration monitoring with soft sensors. – J.J.G. Wuister, the Netherlands

Room A session 4A Modeling and advanced control – Wastewater – Chair Jeroen Langeveld

IWC12A41 – Automatic control of anaerobic treatment with B-SMART technology. – J. van Geest, the Netherlands

IWC12A42 – Model based process control design of combined biological-chemical phosphorus removal at WWTP Amsterdam West. – S.C.F. Meijer, the Netherlands

IWC12A43 – Evaluation of rule-based control strategies according to process state diagnosis in A2/O process. – H.S. Kim, Republic of Korea

IWC12A44 – Modelling and control of granular sludge reactors for autotrophic nitrogen removal. – E.I.P. Volcke

Room B session 1B Monitoring and visualisation – Information portals – Chair Henri Spaanjers

IWC12B11 – SUCCESS: Information management during regular and crisis situation. – C. de Gooijer, the Netherlands

IWC12B12 – Towards a Mekong Delta Portal. – A.J.M. Nelen, the Netherlands

IWC12B13 – HydroCity – integrated water data services for city management. – W. Dassen, the Netherlands

Room B session 2B Data mining, handling and integration – Wastewater – Chair Piero Fraternali

IWC12B21 – Knowledge extraction from the historical database of wastewater treatment plant operation using various data mining techniques. – Y. Kim, Republic of Korea

IWC12B22 – Influence of sampling strategies on the estimated nitrous oxide emission from wastewater treatment plants. – M.R.J. Daelman, Belgium

IWC12B23 – Understanding the sewer network performance under wet weather conditions by using data mining techniques. – LI Corominas, Spain

IWC12B24 – Data mining for calibration of integrated models for urban water systems. – J. Langeveld, the Netherlands

Room B session 3B Monitoring and visualization – Methods – Chair Eveline Volcke

IWC12B31 – Unraveling the spatial variability of rainfall in the RainApp. – H. Schuurmans, the Netherlands

IWC12B32 – Augmented reality: Interactive visualisation and communication water projects for European water managers. – F.C. Boogaard, the Netherlands

IWC12B33 – iTUWmon – A monitoring network platform for automated data plausibility assessment and data integration. – S. Winkler, Austria

IWC12B34 – The future of sensor technology in water management. – M. Buitenkamp, the Netherlands

Room B session 4B Data mining, handling and integration – Drinking water – Chair Petra Ross

IWC12B41 – Opportunities in integrated data management: integration of asset, client and real time process data for improved utility performance. – T. Bouma, the Netherlands

IWC12B42 – QSAR enabled predictions in water treatment: from data to mechanisms and vice-versa. – D. Vries, the Netherlands

IWC12B43 – Improving water asset data integrity through integration of complex and different operational systems. – Z. Shariff, Malaysia

IWC12B44 – An integrated software solution for identifying, monitoring and visualising water leak incidents in Water Distribution Networks. – A. Gagatsis, Cyprus

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